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Our Commitments

Wellspring Alberta's 5 Year Strategic Plan

Wellspring Alberta has developed a strategic plan for 2021 – 2026. It serves to guide the organization through a series of actions intended to ensure that more, and more diverse individuals, living with cancer, including caregivers and families, who need support after a cancer diagnosis experience Wellspring as welcoming and inclusive; ultimately seeking to ensure that no one has to face cancer alone. 

This plan was created during a time of great uncertainty, predominately caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Therefore, Wellspring will need to remain flexible, adjusting to continuous environmental changes in order to thrive in a newly required hybrid (in person and online) service delivery state. We remain committed to an unwavering focus on our members and our mission to ensure no one has to face cancer alone.

Our Vision

No one has to face cancer alone.


Our Values

Respect: a diverse and inclusive community where all of us (members, employees, program leaders and volunteers) feel accepted and valued.

Community: a safe and caring environment where members experience a satisfying sense of connection, belonging and empowerment.

Compassion: share in the experiences of our members by listening to their stories, being responsive to their needs, and communicating with genuine kindness.

Empowerment: instill strength and hope in members and provide programs and resources that will help them build physical, psychological and emotional wellness.

Our Vision for Growth

A Wellspring Alberta where no one in Alberta has to face cancer alone.

Programming and operations: that are unique to the community and aligned with identified needs; that are heavily volunteer-engaged; and with mobile attributes, as required.

The use and leveraging of technology to help deliver programs and services.

Continued strong, multi-sectoral, collaborations in support of those we serve with continued effort to not duplicate resources that exist.

A core of community-building and preserving of the Wellspring Alberta “essence”.

Five-Year Vision Statements

Within the next five years, Wellspring Alberta will:

Our Non-Negotiables

Recognizing that there are important attributes, which need to always be sustained, we have identified the following non-negotiables:


Maintain the “essence” of Wellspring Alberta – including characteristics identified in the Patient Engagement Research Study report.


Free and without need for referral.


Evidence-informed programming, co-created with Wellspring Alberta members.


For all those living with cancer and their caregivers, including dedicated programs for young adults and families with kids under 18.


Peer-to-peer programming and interaction.


A non-clinical setting where possible with intentional environmental anchors associated with the Wellspring Alberta experience.


Responsive, respectful and safe environment honoring the historical, cultural and all other aspects of diversity across Alberta.


Maintaining the integrity and values of the current structure, governance and volunteer culture.


Ensuring specialized, professional, expertise and commitment of staff, program leaders, and volunteers.


To promote sustainability of supports, whether working independently, in partnerships or collaborations, Wellspring Alberta maintains the ability to foster philanthropic support in any community they serve.