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Our Solution

Across Alberta, only Wellspring Alberta devotes itself exclusively to the unique non-medical needs cancer presents. At Wellspring, we provide a caring community in-person and online, so any adult living with cancer, their caregiver and family members can access vital information, meaningful support and effective coping strategies.

We are an essential partner in the cancer care community

Over 50 Collaborations and Partnerships

Health care professionals are the #1 way new members hear about us. Programs and services are member driven and co-created. 

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Wellspring Alberta provides a community of support for those living with cancer, driven by the needs of our members:

189 Volunteers

Volunteers are the heartbeat of Wellspring Alberta. Our team of 189 volunteers provided 7,300 hours of support throughout 2022. 

70 Programs

Wellspring Alberta offers more than 70 diverse and evidence-informed programs and services, delivered by over 120 contracted professional program leaders. Programs fall within 4 pillars, and are available 5-6 days per week to those living with cancer.

Free and without referral

We are 100% donor funded

Wellspring seeks to breakdown potential barriers by ensuring all of our programs and services are available free of charge and without referral. We are 100% donor funded.

“The thing about Wellspring is it’s one big community of compassion and understanding. Everyone is welcome, there are no exclusions. It doesn’t matter what program you take or how much energy you have to contribute, you always know it’s okay. You’re with your people, you’re where you belong.”
Bev Watson
Wellspring member
Shared Experience

The Right Program at the Right Time

We provide over 70 evidence-informed, community-based programs and services that address the non-medical needs of cancer patients, their caregivers and families. These programs fall into four main pillar areas:

2015 WS Resumes and Interviews-13-sm


Receive information, strategies and tools to live well with cancer.

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2019-11 WS YA Bootcamp-15-Sm

Movement and Meditation

Participate in programs featuring physical and mental activities to increase strength, build resilience, manage stress, and calm the mind.

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2014 WS Cooking Class-126-cropped


Meet with others to share experiences and strategies, and benefit from learning and caring for yourself.

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Wellspring Journal Art-56

Expressive Arts

Express yourself or escape cancer for a few hours through visual arts, writing, music and more.

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 Each dot represents an Albertan community we serve.

Expanding our reach

Outreach Strategy

Since launching the northern and southern Alberta strategies in 2020, we have proudly supported people from more than 113 communities throughout the province.

Recognizing that significant differences exist in service availability and accessibility across the province, Wellspring has expanded its cancer support services to regional and remote communities.

An essential component of this expanded support is ensuring that any new programs and initiatives are based on the needs of those living with cancer in Albertan communities. A community participatory approach ensures that communities are involved as active participants in the creation, delivery and sustainability of cancer support services.

[1] Reference:  Surveillance & Reporting: The 2021 Report on Canadian Statistics in Alberta.  Edmonton: Cancer Care Alberta, Alberta Health Services, 2021.

At our core


Members inform everything we do at Wellspring Alberta.

“What cancer steals ... Wellspring gives back. Wellspring isn't just a place, it's a friend when you really need one. It is love manifested in a difficult time in your life.”
Ian Robinson
Wellspring member
The heartbeat of Wellspring Alberta:


Volunteers are the heartbeat of Wellspring Alberta. Our team of 189 volunteers dedicated over 7,300 hours of support last year. These exceptional individuals:

  • Assist in supporting our operations
  • Offer peer support
  • Provide program support
  • Assist with our signature, partner and third-party fundraising events
  • Provide governance through our Board and Committees
  • Act as ambassadors for all we do
  • Share their professional expertise in service of our mission