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When a parent is diagnosed with cancer, families face stress and fear, bringing difficulties into a household. Families dealing with cancer often experience communication barriers, academic struggles, and emotional turmoil. For children who have a significant adult in their life with cancer, finding age-appropriate information, emotional support, and connections with peers in similar situations is crucial.

Wellspring Alberta understands those specific needs and offers programs specifically for families where an adult has been diagnosed with cancer. Join us in a supportive environment where families can navigate this journey together, finding strength, resilience, and hope every step of the way.

Useful resources for parents and guardians:

If you’re having difficulties, call 1.866.682.3135.

Explore our kid-friendly programs

Adventures in Art

Adventures in Art: Zoom Buddies is all about setting aside special time just for you, and if you like, your school-aged children.

Children’s and Parents’ Program

Wellspring offers a Children’s and Parents’ Program that brings parents and their children together for networking, conversations about having cancer in the family, and for tools to help cope with and express feelings.

House Music

Join different musicians each week for a mini concert. Embrace the sense of community that music can bring.

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen is a lively and welcoming introduction to the joy of family time in the kitchen! Kids are encouraged to take a hands-on approach as they join with an adult family member and are guided in creating healthy meals and fun snacks.