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Cancer Support Outreach

Serving all of Alberta

Wellspring Alberta is committed to working with communities throughout the province to ensure cancer support communities exist closer to home. 

The need for cancer support is significant. Wellspring Alberta is committed to supporting people living with cancer across the province to ensure that no one has to face cancer alone. As part of our five year strategic plan, and with support from Alberta Cancer Foundation, Wellspring Alberta has set in motion an operational plan to co-create sustainable cancer support communities in Alberta to meet the needs of those living with cancer in regional and remote areas outside the cities of Calgary and Edmonton. 

Wellspring Alberta offers programs, services and support to people living with cancer – those diagnosed, caregivers and kids. 

How do we support individuals in rural and remote communities?

How are we working to develop sustainable cancer support communities?

Wellspring Alberta is following a ‘Community Participatory Approach’ to ensure that any new initiatives are driven by the community and the needs of those living with cancer. We welcome the opportunity to learn from you as the expert of your community so that together we can co-create sustainable cancer support communities throughout the province. 

Our team is also available to provide presentations and informational sessions as well as attend community events and conferences to share information on Wellspring including our programs and resources available to those living with cancer in Alberta. Please contact for more information. 

Members have joined us from the following Alberta communities:

Southern Alberta Hot spots(3)
“I would say to anyone who has cancer, sign up for Wellspring support and whatever else you do, don’t miss it! There is nothing worse than thinking you are the only one in the world with this problem. Everyone battling cancer should know about Wellspring. When you meet others who understand and can relate, it recharges your hope.”
Trevor Hamon
Raymond, Alberta

Learn about our outreach activities: