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Yoga: Functional

Intended Audience

All members including people living with cancer, family members and significant caregivers.

Program Description

Nourish and renew your body, mind and spirit with yoga poses that are safe and adaptable for your specific needs. This program offers a subtle blend of slow relaxing movement and breath work, building toward more active poses that increase functional movement and improve mobility and stability. The intention is to provide participants with tools that empower them to connect mind and body while experiencing a sense of calm, well-being and presence in the moment.

“I cannot get this healing time anywhere else! This program offers a spiritually and physically healing experience.”

“I feel relaxed and energized. I carry the poses with me to practice at home. I am quite excited to continue my yoga education.”

“The facilitator is so positive, she helped nurse me back to health.” 

Benefits and Impact

Yoga has been widely suggested to have a potential role in the health of people living with cancer; many studies report that yoga can improve health-related outcomes such as quality of life, fatigue, cognition, stress, and sleep quality in cancer survivors (Danhauer et al., 2019; O’Neill et al., 2020; Zetzl et al., 2021). The observed improvement in fatigue is corroborated by one study of the effects of a moderately-intense yoga program on cancer patients (Zetzl et al., 2021). Another Calgary-based study observes improvements in flexibility and balance in prostate cancer patients following a community-based wellness program that includes yoga (Culos-Reed et al., 2018). Even yoga online can be beneficial: a recent publication observed reductions in stress in people living with cancer that participated in yoga programs delivered online (Trevino et al., 2020). 

What to Expect at a Session

This yoga class is slightly more active, focusing on functional movement to facilitate further recovery and healing. Each class begins with breathing and awareness practices that set a calming tone and bring participants into the present moment. Classes then move through postures that are sequenced in a manner to improve mobility and stability, reduce pain and build energy. Near the end of the class participants are guided back with moves that calm and slow the nervous system, eventually ending in relaxation.

Program Details



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