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Transitions Support Coach

Intended Audience

For individuals living with cancer and their caregivers who are experiencing grief, loss and/or bereavement.

Program Description

Processing grief and change is hard. Everyone goes through it differently. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a good listener and coach to help you navigate feelings and next steps. Book a one-time personal one-on-one conversation with Wellspring’s Transition Support Coach, who can help you reflect on suffering, map a way forward and offer referral services. Appointments can be made by calling Wellspring.

“True healing will involve three very simple human elements: compassion, touch and conversation.” – Daniel Sulmassy

Benefits and Impact

An important part of processing suffering includes finding healthy perspectives and assigning new meaning to difficult experiences. This process can be arduous, especially for those experiencing physical and/or emotional pain on a daily basis. With our transition coach’s guidance and in a one-on-one setting, participants are encouraged to reflect on suffering and express the difficult emotions that suffering often brings. In the release of these emotions comes clarity, insight and meaning, and when there is meaning, suffering ceases to be ‘just’ suffering and can be a passageway to hope.

What to Expect at a Session

Almost all healing begins with hard conversations. Members can expect deep listening and reflecting on whatever needs expression. Once the suffering is expressed, relief and hope can be experienced. All core beliefs about life, suffering and faith will be honoured through conversation and treated as an important resource in the life journey.

Program Details

Please call us to book a session at
(ph) 587-747-0260 or
(toll free) 1-866-682-3135


What the Research Says

This article highlights some important factors in the end-of-life care and grieving process of family caregivers who have experienced the loss of a terminal-phase cancer patient. One of the factors is the involvement of social and professional support, which seemed to positively orient the bereavement of these family caregivers. Clinicians that offered confidentiality, listening services, and support had a positive impact on adjustment to bereavement. Dumont I, Dumont S, Mongeau S. 2008.

End-of-Life Care and the Grieving Process: Family Caregivers Who Have Experienced the Loss of a Terminal-Phase Cancer Patient. Qualitative Health Research 18(8): 1049 – 61.


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