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Tai Chi

Intended Audience

All members including people living with cancer, family members and significant caregivers.

Program Description

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise that involves gentle movements, performed with the intention of connecting mind and body. Sometimes described as “meditation in motion” this program requires deep focus and concentration as one stays in the moment and develops the mindfulness that Tai Chi promotes. In the Wellspring context, Tai Chi is an effective tool for members on their wellness journey. The short sequences of movement can be practiced daily for calming, relaxation, balance and harmony, all vital properties of health and wholeness.

“I absolutely love Tai Chi. The facilitator is a very patient, kind, and caring teacher.”

“This class is very pleasant and calming. I liked the ability to stay in the moment.”

“I enjoyed the relaxation and beauty of movement, unique movements and individualized creativity.” 

Benefits and Impact

Research has shown that Tai Chi may be beneficial to the health of people living with cancer. Studies have found evidence that the exercise can improve numerous health-related outcomes in those with cancer, most notably fatigue, stress, and quality of life (Ni et al., 2019; Wayne et al., 2018; Zhou et al., 2018). In a recent study, researchers noted a reduction in stress in cancer patients participating in Tai Chi programs that were delivered online (Trevino et al., 2020). 

What to Expect at a Session

Participants warm up using Qigong breathing exercises and then gradually move into a sequence of poses and standing movements that flow naturally, so the body is in constant fluid motion. Each week participants practice previous poses they’ve learned and new sequences are introduced. Movement is always slow and gentle with a focus on deep breathing and mindfulness. Each class culminates with an enriching visualization exercise, or a walking or standing meditation.

Program Details

Online and in person when centres open


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