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Next Steps: Making a Plan with Cancer in Mind

Intended Audience

All members including people living with cancer, family members and significant caregivers.

Program Description

Making a plan to move forward with your life, while factoring in cancer, can be a challenge. How has your outlook changed? What feels comfortable and right in your world? What feels possible or impossible? How do you recreate goals with cancer on the side? In this four-week program you will kick-start your new outlook by building confidence, finding secure footing, and exploring the next steps that feel right for you.

Benefits and Impact

Members tend to experience this program in a variety of different ways, depending on their circumstances; however, generally we hear from participants that they find the benefits plentiful and the program fortifying. This is a list of the intended impacts:

  • Celebrate your gifts and strengths
  • Assess your Personal Learning Style based on your sensory intelligence
  • Prepare one-day, one-week and long-term action plans
  • Learn to be a Design Thinker
  • Create your own Dream Support Team
  • Bring play into your daily activities
  • Learn how to make the best decisions and problem solve
  • Enhance your communication skills
  • Evaluate your own current reality using a self-assessment checklist
  • Learn to use backward mind mapping
  • Create the big picture and build your personal, dynamic action plan   

What to Expect at a Session

We begin this program by viewing the award-winning National Geographic documentary titled “Celebrate What’s Right with the World.” This sets the tone for meaningful reflection, thoughtful group discussion, and fun, as you begin to lay the foundation of your new path. In subsequent weeks you will learn about your sensory learning style, how to become a ‘design thinker,’ how to strengthen your communication skills, and how to surround yourself with a solid support team. By the end of this discovery process, you should feel empowered to build a personal action plan that balances your practical and daily needs with your hopes, wishes and lifelong dreams.

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