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Money Matters

Intended Audience

For all members including people living with cancer, family members and significant caregivers. By appointment, in person, online, or by phone.

Program Description

Money Matters is a solution-based program designed to assist people with cancer and their family members with information and resources related to various topics including: income replacement programs, drug coverage, returning to work, insurance questions, community resources, estate information, etc. The program also offers free clinics, with individualized appointments on the topics of Financial Advice, Income Tax (annually), and LTD and Employment Law. There are eligibility requirements in accessing the free clinics so please contact us for more information.

Our Money Matters program is delivered by Social Workers, a profession that is regulated under the Health Professions Act (HPA) which allows us to only support people living in Alberta.

“Very helpful… finally received the answers I needed.”

“This session was very helpful to me. Staff were very knowledgeable and I found out lots of information as well as resources I will be able to use. Thank you!”

What to Expect at a Session

Upon registration for the Money Matters program, Wellspring members and/or their loved ones will meet individually with Money Matters staff who have specialty training in cancer-related costs and financial issues. Staff will then review the member’s circumstances, assess their eligibility for income replacement programs, and provide information on application processes, eligibility criteria, timelines and payment amounts. Further support with regard to providing financial guidance, establishing external connections, and/or providing referral information is also part of the Money Matters process.

Benefits and Impact

A cancer diagnosis can impose substantial financial burden on patients and the people close to them, and raise a broad range of practical and financial concerns (CPAC, 2019; Iragorri et al., 2021; Link et al., 2022). The Money Matters program is designed to help cancer survivors, their families, and their caregivers address these concerns through individualized appointments with experienced Social Workers. Topics covered include navigating income replacement programs, returning to work, drug coverage, insurance questions, estate information, and community resources. Aside from the direct advantage of professional assistance in applying for income replacement and other benefits, recent literature has suggested that informational support, such as that provided in this program, is associated with reduced anxiety in people living with cancer (Goerling et al., 2020).  

Program Details

By appointment in person, online, or by phone.

Call 1-866-682-3135 and ask for Dakoda or Meghan

Email DakodaEmail Meghan

Wellspring Alberta’s Money Matters program is generously supported by: 

Michael and Heather Culbert & Family and Anonymous Donors.

AIMCo Foundation

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