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Kids in the Kitchen

Intended Audience

Families where an adult member is living with cancer. Parents and/or significant caregivers are invited to attend with children.

Program Description

Kids in the Kitchen is a lively and welcoming introduction to the joy of family time in the kitchen! Kids are encouraged to take a hands-on approach as they join with an adult family member and are guided in creating healthy meals and fun snacks. Along with some basic cooking skills, they learn about nutrition and food safety, all while having fun!

Benefits and Impact

Engaging kids in cooking can help with family bonding, while teaching many important life skills. It also:

  • creates interest in food and nutrition 
  • teaches a foundational life skill
  • builds confidence and a sense of pride 
  • provides quality time together as a family 
  • is a fun way to work on reading, writing, math, and problem-solving skills 

What to Expect at a Session

This is a fun-filled class with sensory exploration and valuable skill-building. Each class has a theme which is incorporated into the recipes. Classes are taught by a chef and registered dietitian. Each class begins with introductions, a short cooking demo, explanation of the recipe(s) and the theme. The rest of the session allows families to work as a team to complete their masterpieces with the support of the program leader and volunteers. All sessions are hands-on and adapted for all ages.

Program Details

Online via Zoom


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