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Intended Audience

Young adult members (18 – 39 years old) including people living with cancer diagnosis and significant caregivers.

Program Description

Get ready to move, sweat, and have fun! YA HIIT 45 class includes aerobic and strength activities, done in circuit-style – meaning one activity after another in a series, and ending with a stretch and relaxation. In just 45 minutes, you will get a full-body workout, leaving you feeling stronger and energized. All levels welcome. 

“Exercise gives me more energy and flexibility.”

“The facilitator is very knowledgeable but also makes it fun to exercise. I love this class!”

“The facilitator is a great teacher/motivator. I like the fact that exercises are varied with a wide range of things to try.”

What to Expect at a Session

Classes begin with gentle effective movement along with tips on ways to exercise safely and incorporate healthy activity in everyday living. Exercises vary each class with measured attention on cardiovascular, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and relaxation. Classes are fun, uplifting and supportive with built in degrees of challenge to accommodate members at any fitness level. Participants show up with comfortable clothing and running shoes and leave with improved strength, mobility and energy.

This particular program requires that you have already completed a PAR-Q+ form with us and that you have attended this or another Exercise and Educate program. Please register for only ONE Exercise and Educate program (YA HIIT 45 is part of the Exercise and Educate program offerings).

Young Adults are those 18 – 39ish. Meet with others within your age group.

Benefits and Impact

In cancer patients and survivors, exercise of a variety of intensities and modalities (including HIIT) has been shown to improve many health-related outcomes in a safe manner, including quality of life, fatigue, anxiety, and the burden of chemotherapy-related symptoms (Mijwel et al., 2019; Oberoi et al., 2018; Zhang et al., 2019). For these reasons, the American College of Sports Medicine exercise guidelines for cancer survivors recommends regular exercise for people living with cancer (Campbell et al., 2019). Two Calgary-based studies have also identified interactions between physical activity and social support in people living with cancer: physical activity can provide opportunities for creating supportive relationships, and social support may amplify the positive effects of physical activity on quality of life (Mcdonough et al., 2019; Mcdonough et al., 2021). Additionally, in further support of our offering this program online during the Covid-19 pandemic, a recent study observed reductions in stress in people living with cancer that participated in fitness programs delivered online (Trevino et al., 2020). 

Program Details


Requires PAR-Q + Form (PDF)


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