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Come Ride With Us

Intended Audience

Members including people living with cancer, family members and significant caregivers.

Program Description

In this seasonal weekly program, participants experience the joy of riding a bike or e-bike, while building skills, strength, resilience, and a sense of community. The program entails a series of planned group bike rides along safe city trails, led by certified program leaders and volunteers. While the focus is on fun, wellness, and healthy forward motion; members also learn about safety, riding etiquette, skill development, and nutrition and hydration. All skill levels are welcome, and Wellspring can provide a bike or e-bike and helmet for anyone who doesn’t have their own cycling equipment.

Bonus/optional invitation: cycling members who find themselves particularly inspired, may want to add a personal goal or challenge and sign up to join the Cancervive ride, an annual fall cycling event to help raise funds for Wellspring Alberta.

What to Expect at a Session

Members meet at a Wellspring centre for a 90-minute evening that begins with a meet and greet and a brief discussion of the evening’s riding plan, including perceived exertion levels and potential hazards. After a bike and helmet check and skills session, the group sets off on a roughly 60-minute guided cycling excursion along a city bike trail. With intentions set to enjoy outdoor activity, learn or refine skills, and have fun, participants are encouraged to be mutually supportive and to ask for help, or opt out of a session at any time if required. Upon returning to the centre, participants are invited to engage in a short debrief, sharing their experience, goals and observations.

*Come Ride with Us is not intended to be a conditioning or training program for the specific preparation of the Cancervive ride, but rather a starting point for enjoying bicycling.

Program Details

In-person in Calgary


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