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Brain Fog

Intended Audience

For all members diagnosed and living with cancer. Caregivers may attend if needed. It is recommended that medical treatments be finished and a strong commitment be made to this program

Program Description

Brain Fog is an eight-week cognitive enhancement program designed to address cognitive changes associated with various cancer treatments. The program, developed by Dr. Heather Palmer (PhD Neuropsychology), provides education, enlightenment and practical strategies for dealing with the challenging aspects of post cancer brain change.

“Awareness of tools for multitasking and organizing through workarounds.”

“Don’t lose hope. I feel less hurt and panicked. Accepting a new reality of life going forward.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart – this program improved my quality of life.”

Benefits and Impact

Over the past decade more than 4,500 individuals have benefited from the interactive cognitive enhancement programs designed by Dr. Palmer. Individuals experiencing symptoms such as memory loss, reduced concentration, difficulty with multitasking, and decreased motor functions take great comfort in learning they can adopt measures to improve their affected cognitive skills. This highly successful program delivers optimism and support along with proven cognitive enhancement strategies easily integrated into daily life.

What to Expect at a Session

This is an eight-week educational and experiential program led by professionals skilled in the application of cognitive enhancement strategies. Sessions are 90 minutes long and class size is limited. Members can expect to learn about post cancer cognitive challenges, identify the nature of their limitations, and engage in exercises and techniques designed to stimulate and restore brain function.

Program Details



What the Research Says

Brain fog, or chemo brain, is widely accepted and it is now understood that chemotherapy is not the only cause, that cognitive training programs help improve cognitive functions. (Wefel, J.S., Goodman, A. 2013. Chemo Brain: A Decade of Evidence. Medscape Oncology, November, 2013).

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