Welcome to Wellspring: a cancer support community

Join us for a casual gathering over coffee, tea and snacks.

This opportunity is open to anyone who would like to learn more about Wellspring Alberta’s free cancer support resources available for adults living with cancer – those diagnosed and caregivers/supporters. As part of this session you will also have the opportunity to share about what you want cancer support in Medicine Hat to look like. Our time together will begin with an introduction to the programs and services offered by Wellspring Alberta and conclude with a meaningful conversation surrounding cancer support in your community. Attendees are invited to partake in any way they feel comfortable, be it sharing or simply showing up and being present for others.

All community members are invited to engage with Wellspring in a meaningful way.


Here's what our members say...

“Wellspring has been so important to me since my diagnosis and start of treatment last summer. It is a place of hope, kindness and incredible spirit, one that has been a beacon of positivity in a frightening time. I feel safe and happy when I am participating in your programs, and am so grateful that I can do some of them with my son.”

“What cancer steals … Wellspring gives back. Wellspring isn’t just a place, it’s a friend when you really need one. It is love manifested in a difficult time in your life.”

“The thing about Wellspring is it’s one big community of compassion and understanding. Everyone is welcome, there are no exclusions. It doesn’t matter what program you take or how much energy you have to contribute, you always know it’s okay. You’re with your people, you’re where you belong.”