This moment

Today I had another breakdown. Me and the kids were Facetiming with my Mom and we were playing Operation with the kids.

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Too long in exile

I have had my fill of being trapped.

I suspect you have too.

But you know what, my Wellspring Tribe? As far as I can tell, we are killing this quarantine thing.

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Anybody out there?

This is hard. Really hard.

Hell, I’m at the point where I found myself giddy with anticipation at the prospect of going in for an MRI yesterday, even though it meant…

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I hate this…

It’s a small world after all … and I f*cking hate it.

How’s that for setting a tone?

Guess who isn’t handling this whole Covid19-voluntary-quarantine thing particularly well?

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There are no words

A friend I met through Wellspring just lost her husband to cancer.

Wellspring offers many gifts to those of us lucky enough to find our way through its doors. One of them is an unexpected bounty of friends. New people to love and who love us in return.

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Cancer is like a car

I have breast cancer, I was diagnosed just under 2 years ago with a fairly aggressive strain but we caught it in time and I went thru a solid year of fairly heavy treatment followed by some targeted therapy. I had great results and I was hopeful this was one & done but I am not.

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