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Carma House

Carma House was built and donated to Wellspring in 2009 by Carma Developers (now Brookfield Residential Properties Inc.), as a way of commemorating its 50th Anniversary. This beautiful building became Wellspring’s first permanent home, after operating for two years in nearby leased space. It is located just eight minutes west of Tom Baker Cancer Centre (soon to be the new Calgary Cancer Centre).

Members often refer to Carma House as their sanctuary, or home away from home. Many are surprised to find a sense of belonging, joy and even laughter. They welcome new opportunities of enrichment, empowerment and emotional nourishment. Many share stories over tea, bring lunch and stay for more than one program, or choose a book from the library and find a quiet place to read in the garden. Some bring a laptop and find a cozy corner to occupy while a loved one takes a program. Families enjoy our family programs where they connect with other parents and kids. 

Whatever your circumstances, if you are living with cancer, you will find tools to guide you and people to relate to in this cherished community of love and support.

1404 Home Road NW
Calgary, AB T3M 1G7
(ph) 587-747-0260

“Wellspring’s Carma House has been a special “gift” for me. I love going there. I was afraid to go at first because I thought it would be a depressing place to go to because people have or had cancer, but it is totally not that way at all. It is an UPLIFTING and inspiring place to go to and I found a lot of fun/laughter and healing takes place there for me.” 

– Wellspring member