Co-Founder: Barbara Cunnings

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” —Walt Disney

Barbara learned early in life that dreams can come true. With hard work, discipline, focus, and patience, she realized her dream to become a professional dancer. This realization and training set her course for the rest of her life. Dreams could come true.

When diagnosed with cancer in 1990, drawing on the strength and discipline learned, she chose to be well. Her personal financial struggle to afford the complementary therapies and nutrition that she felt were critical to her healing drove her passion and purpose. The dream became how to help others going through cancer find what they needed for healing without financial constraints.

In her own journey, Barbara strives constantly to walk her talk. This means balancing lifestyle and health, being an inspiration to others, lending an ear and shoulder when needed. Believing that there can always be a way through difficult times, her positive attitude and willingness to be brave and move forward has stood her in good stead through all her life challenges. Working hands-on through facilitating classes to enrich other people’s lives is her passion and purpose.

Barbara is also a visionary, seeking solutions for common problems, being ahead of her time with initiatives. As a connector, these visions and solutions have led her in many directions; achieving goals thought impossible, helping others reach their goals and creating a life rich in experiences.

Living a simple life captures Barbara’s values to have time for family, friends and herself. Building memories, learning, sharing, and adventures are of more value than material things.

Barbara lives by the motto above. Never shies away from a dream; believing that the impossible can be possible.

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